Safe Ship Moving Services: How to Prepare for Moving Day Moving into a new house is a significant occasion. As you settle in, you’ll want to make sure every detail of your new space is perfect. To help you make the most of your new home, Safe Ship Moving Services compiles a comprehensive checklist of what to do before move-in day.
What to Do Right Before the Move

As your move-in day draws near, you should complete some essential tasks to ensure a smooth transition into your new home. Assuming you have taken care of all logistical tasks, such as packing your belongings or hiring a moving company, the following checklist will help you be ready for the big day.

Do the Final Walk-Through

During the final walk-through, make sure that everything in your new space is in the same condition as when you agreed to rent or buy the property. Check for any damage and ensure that everything is in working order. It would be best if you did the following:

• Flush the toilets.
• Check the faucets for leaks.
• Run hot water to test the water heater.
• Turn on all the lights and appliances.
• Test the smoke detectors.
• Inspect and label the circuit breaker.
• Turn on all the lights and appliances.
• Test the outlets.
If you notice any new problems, write them down and raise your concerns with the landlord or seller before you move in.

Clean the New House

Even if the previous homeowners were nice enough to clean the house before leaving, it’s a good idea to clean it yourself. It includes cleaning the walls, floors, and cabinets and scrubbing the kitchen and bathrooms.

Safe Ship Moving Services suggests hiring a professional cleaning service to ensure the whole house is spotless before moving in. Many moving companies offer this service. If yours does not, they may be able to recommend reputable third-party professional cleaners.

Make Repairs and Paint

If you plan to change your new home’s interior, now is the best time to do it, notes Safe Ship Moving Services. Painting the walls and changing the interior will be easier before you start moving furniture. It is also a great opportunity to schedule any repairs. Check for holes, cracks, or damage that needs fixing.

Turn On the HVAC System

Before moving in, make sure to turn on the cooling and heating systems to ensure they’re working properly, adds Safe Ship Moving Services. It will help you avoid any troublesome surprises on your first night in your new home. If you notice any problems with the HVAC system, it’s best to call a professional to check and repair it.

Change the Locks

Changing the locks on exterior doors will ensure that no one else can access your new home. Although installing new locks is a simple DIY project, you can also hire a locksmith.

Update Your Address

Notify credit card companies, banks, and other important contacts of your new address, notes Safe Ship Moving Services. Change your address on any insurance policies and subscriptions, too.

To ensure that you continue to receive important bills and mail at your new home, file a change of address with the U.S. Postal Service (USPS). It can be done in person at your local post office or online.

Transfer Utilities

Call the utility companies for your old and new home to start, stop, or transfer services, says Safe Ship Moving Services. You must provide your move-in or move-out date, new address, and other relevant information. You may also need to provide proof of residency and identity, such as a lease agreement or driver’s license. In order to avoid delays, it’s best to complete this task at least two to three weeks before your move-in date.

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