According to Safe Ship Moving Services, because relocating to a new home is a long process, it’s vital to stay organized. Whether you’re trying to figure out what to pack or which room to start, you should carefully plan out the whole thing. To help with that, Safe Ship Moving Services shares a number of things you have to do and stuff you need to have for your big move.
First off, you should have all the packing supplies ready.

According to Safe Ship Moving Services, you can’t do anything substantial yet without packing supplies. Here’s your checklist.

Boxes are the biggest priority when packing. It would be best if you always kept a variety of sizes of boxes for items in your home. Strong adhesive and tape help to seal boxes, and bubble wrap, towels, and similar items like newspaper and old clothes can be used to tightly and safely secure fragile objects.

Box cutters, a utility knife, and a pair of scissors are a must-have when packing and unpacking. You should be able to make a clean cut to tape and other materials and reduce any hassle when assembling things, while permanent markers are needed for labeling boxes. Use permanent markers to label boxes. It will help you sort them by room when unpacking.

Handcarts and dollies can help you with lifting heavy items and boxes. It will lessen the chance of physical injury from lifting those heavy boxes, mentions Safe Ship Moving Services.

Now that you have all these, it’s time to get packing.

Pack the non-essential items before anything else. Take all the things you won’t need immediately and pack them first. You probably won’t need any of them during the move. Create a checklist of items you don’t use that often so you don’t find yourself living out of your moving boxes and repacking.

Group similar things together. Once you’re done with that, pack your similar items with each other. Stay organized by packing similar items together. You can determine this by basing them on room or use. It will make unboxing in your new home so much easier.

Label objects in an organized manner. With your permanent marker, label the boxes based on the contents, areas, and rooms of the house. When you label boxes with contents and room or area, it will simplify unpacking. Boxes can then be unloaded directly into the correct rooms and areas. You can also color code the boxes by each room to make everything more organized. You can do this via colored markers of different colored tape.

Lastly, pack essential everyday items separately. According to Safe Ship Moving Services, essential everyday items should be packed separately because no one wants to go digging through boxes to look for their essential items. By packing things such as flashlights, first aid essentials, tissues, etc., in the same box, you won’t experience a ton of frustration.

Safe Ship Moving Services says that it’s best to give yourself a bit more time than you expect to organize as well as pack. Creating a schedule for packing for a move is an excellent way to make sure you give yourself the time you need.

On a final note, on the day of the big move, load the larger items first. Take the larger items, such as furniture and kitchen appliances, and load them into the moving truck first. By loading the larger items first, you have a lot more room for the smaller items near the door of the truck, making it easier to unload, adds Safe Ship Moving Services.

Safe Ship Moving Services is a fully licensed and bonded interstate household goods moving broker. The company’s mission is to provide exceptional moving services fueled by professionalism, integrity, and outstanding customer care. Learn more about its services by clicking here.

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