Safe Ship Moving Services: Three Ways to Move Your Belongings

When moving to a new home, getting all your stuff to your destination is the goal. That said, your priority should always be to stay safe. To help everyone move their stuff safely, Safe Ship Moving Services has come up with articles sharing several expert tips as well as checklists. Through these tips and checklists, you may be able to move even the largest objects in your home with minimal risk to you, your loved ones, and anyone else helping with the move.
Practice proper lifting techniques.

Practicing proper lifting techniques may look like something only relevant to professional weightlifters or exercise enthusiasts. However, Safe Ship Moving Services says that being able to use your body properly when lifting can help you lift heavier objects more safely. This can come in handy, especially when you’re moving.

To do this, you have first to make sure you have a good, firm grip at all times. Keep your back straight while lifting as well as carrying. Use your back and legs to lift the boxes off the ground. Keep heavy objects centered in relation to your body. Hold them tightly to you to make sure they don’t rock your balance. If you need to turn while carrying heavy items, do so by moving your feet together along with the load in small steps.

Inspect and clear all routes in the house.

All the paths, hallways, and stairs, as well as outside areas, should be clear of obstacles. This is to protect yourself from possible hazards which could compromise your safety on moving day. One slip while carrying something heavy might be catastrophic to your stuff as well as your body.

Before you start moving and setting up boxes, be sure to plan and inspect your route. Make sure there is nothing that you could trip on. Also, be sure that no spaces are too tight to fit everything through — especially the bigger stuff like couches and refs. Also, look if there are other boxes in the way and push them aside. Clear all moving supplies such as rolls of tape, unpacked items, or broken-down boxes that are scattered since they can also get in the way, says Safe Ship Moving Services.

Keep your boxes light.

Always remember that when moving, it’s very easy to underestimate the weight of an object. In your excitement, it’s also very easy to over-exert yourself. When you’re in a rush to get things over and done with or in a fit of frustration, resist the urge to act carelessly. You might push yourself too far. If you do, it may unfortunately end in injury — and an even more drawn-out and frustrating move.

If you have even a suspicion that you may not be able to carry or handle a box or object on your own, don’t push it. On that topic, also, don’t try to pack too much in any box. Make sure you have friends to help you, says Safe Ship Moving Services.

In conclusion, you should always make sure you are able to move all your stuff safely. Always remember that all factors count, from the safety of the routes to the weight of the boxes and everything in between.

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