Safe Ship Moving Services’ Moving Day Checklist

The more organized your planning is, the less stressful moving day—and the days following it—will be. While you should complete as many tasks as possible before moving day, you will still have a few things to do when the big day comes, Safe Ship Moving Services notes.
Pack Last-Minute Items

On the morning of your big day, pack any items that couldn’t be boxed up in advance or that you need to keep with you. Examples include the following:

• Bedding
• Basic tools
• Cleaning supplies
• Kids’ comfort items
• Important documents
• Pet food and supplies
• Medication
• Snacks
• Phone chargers
• Toiletries.

Do a Final Sweep

Walk through your home one last time before you move out. Wipe down the counters, take out the trash, touch up the paint, erase scuff marks, and patch any holes in the walls. Check the attic, basement, closets, and other places you may have missed. Make sure everything is clean and no important item is left behind.

Photograph Your Home or Apartment

After your final sweep, take pictures of your house to document the condition in which you left it. You may use these photos to settle any disputes that arise with the landlord, buyers, or movers, Safe Ship Moving Services points out.

Meet Your Movers

If you hire professional movers, you have to be present on a moving day to greet them. Provide any final instructions, confirm your contact information, and be available to answer questions. If you plan to tip your movers, have money on hand. Offering refreshments is also a nice gesture adds Safe Ship Moving Services.

Settle into Your New Home

Settling into your new home will take some time, particularly if you are moving to another state. However, pacing yourself and staying organized will make the process as stress-free as possible.

Unpack the Essentials

You probably won’t have enough time to unpack everything on day one, so start with essential items first. Safe Ship Moving Services suggests unpacking the things you need in order to comfortably eat, sleep, and shower in your new home. Take a quick trip to the nearest store for paper towels, toilet paper, and any other basic items you didn’t bring with you.

Set Up Your New Home

Over the next few days, work on setting up your new home, says Safe Ship Moving Services. Arrange furniture, paint the walls, and unpack the rest of your belongings. Contact service providers to set up home cable, internet, trash pickup, and other utilities if you haven’t already.

Explore Your New Neighborhood

Set aside some time to explore your new community, notes Safe Ship Moving Services. Go for a walk through the neighborhood, find the nearest coffee shop and grocery store, and try out some local restaurants. If you have kids, visit the nearest playground or park and take them to their new school.

Find New Providers

Make a list of all the memberships, amenities, and services you used at your old home. Then, find new providers. At the top of your list should be finding a new primary care doctor, pediatrician, and veterinarian as needed, adds Safe Ship Moving Services.

Update Contact Information

File a change of address on the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) website or visit your local post office to set up mail forwarding. Next, visit the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to update your vehicle registration and driver’s license. Update your address directly with your insurance company, bank, credit card company, and other essential contacts. Make sure family and friends have your new address, and change your address on all subscriptions.

Safe Ship Moving Services is a fully licensed and bonded interstate household goods moving broker. For more tips and guides, follow this page.

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