Safe Ship Moving Services on Managing Last-Minute Moves

In a perfect world, you’d have lots of time to prepare for a move. Moving is a process rife with individual tasks and tiny details, and four weeks or more is typically preferred for doing it right. But in the real world, life comes at you really fast, and so does a last-minute move.
According to Safe Ship Moving Services, there are two main types of hurried moves: the ones where you don’t have enough lead time between finding out you have to move and the day of the move itself and the ones where you procrastinate and find yourself staring at an unpacked home a few days before the movers are set to arrive. Either way, figuring out how to move as quickly as you can is a necessity. Here are a few tips to help you with a last-minute move.

Start with the logistics

Safe Ship Moving Services says a last-minute move has a way of making every task seem both very difficult to accomplish and imminently necessary. Instead of letting your moving tasks overwhelm you, take a deep breath and start crossing items off of the list.

Your first step will be either renting a truck or hiring a moving company. If you have to use movers, you won’t have much time to research, so use online tools like moving company directories to find a list of reputable moving companies in your area. If you’re renting a truck, get quotes from at least two and then decide right away. Safe Ship Moving Services notes the sooner you have the logistics sorted out, the sooner you can pack.

Create a moving checklist

Once you have rented a truck or hired movers, determine the things you need to do in the time you have leading up to your big day. Start with your moving checklist. Safe Ship Moving Services suggests writing down all the tasks that need to be done and compiling them into a list. You can add additional tasks specific to your circumstances. For instance, if you have kids in school, you’ll need to call the school immediately.

Think beyond boxes

Packing is often the first thing that comes to mind when faced with a last-minute move. But before you begin decluttering and packing boxes, you’ll need to do a few tasks.

Schools: If your children will be moving to a new city or state, notify their school immediately of their last day in class. Look for good schools in your new area, and enroll your kids in one.

Utilities: Safe Ship Moving Services says you’ll need to cancel your utilities at your current home and set them up in your new one. You don’t want to find yourself without water or electricity on your move-in day.

Medical records: You’ll also need to find a new dentist or doctor in your new area. Before you go, make sure to get your dental and medical records. Pet owners should also get their pet’s veterinarian records.

Get rid of the stuff you don’t need

The fewer items you have to pack, the easier it will be, notes Safe Ship Moving Services. Go through each cabinet or closet of your apartment or house and take out items you no longer need. Separate unwanted items into three piles: recycle, donate, and throw away.

Once the piles are sorted, it’s time to get rid of them. Take the trash out and drop off your donations. You can donate almost anything to Goodwill, provided the item is in good condition. Used towels and linens can be dropped off at your local animal shelter, while unexpired canned food will go a long way at your local food pantry, adds Safe Ship Moving Services.

Don’t think, pack

Packing for a move quickly requires a little less attention paid to the organization and a bit more paid to just putting your belongings in boxes and setting them aside. The primary goal here is to get all your stuff from your current place to your new one intact, and if a shorter time frame means that you can’t sort items optimally or keep a detailed list of what’s packed where, so be it, says Safe Ship Moving Services.

Safe Ship Moving Services is a fully licensed and bonded interstate household goods moving broker. The company’s mission is to provide exceptional moving services fueled by professionalism, integrity, and outstanding customer care. Head over to this page to learn more about its services.

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